9 Brain-Strengthening Toys For Your Little Ones

 Humans possess a wide range of abilities. We can run, leap, hurl objects, speak, sing, play musical instruments, dance, and so on. But the ability to reason is by far the most unique and valuable of all our abilities. Cheetahs are speedier runners. Birds have the ability to sing and dance. Kangaroos have the ability to jump. But, as far as we know, no other species on the globe is capable of solving problems and applying logic in the same way that we are. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for us to take that reality for granted at times.

We need to exercise our minds to get the most out of our ability to reason, just like a cheetah needs to practise running and bouncing as a cub to be able to catch its prey as an adult. Fat brain toys for kids, fortunately, contain some of the best fitness equipment. Check out this collection of fun brain teasers that will help you strengthen your mental muscles and get your cerebral gears working in sync.

FOLD: Origami Brain Teaser – FOLD brain teasers were invented by renowned puzzle developer Ivan Moscovich to help you strengthen your mental muscle while having fun! These ten clever origami tasks will have you folding, unfolding, twisting, rotating, and bending your hands to locate the answers.

Yottsugo – Create crossword puzzles with interlocking four-letter words from various challenge levels. Do you want to be a master etymologist? Go for an 8-word grid right away! Be adaptable, think outside the box, and interact with your children or neighbors; a vast vocabulary isn’t required!

Swingy Thing – 52 fascinating challenges keep your hands and head working together as colourful spinning flippers and dippers lead you into chaotic mayhem. Even after the first challenge, your mind will be spinning in circles and your fingers will be performing pirouettes.

Ivan’s Hinge – To find a solution, fold, loop, bend, twist, and turn! Curiosity, reasoning, and determination, as well as visual spatial abilities, cognitive stimulation, and relaxation, are all encouraged by patterned challenge cards. This puzzle, designed by renowned puzzle developer Ivan Moscovich, is sure to excite!

AnimaLogic – The rapids are raging as the river rises! Can you solve the problem to get the animals to safety? Solve the sequence and then arrange the animals in the correct order – the problem is finished when all sixteen wooden animals have been removed from the game board!

Coggy – It’s up to you to fold this connected collection of sixteen colored gears into the correct positions that match each image as you move from one challenge card to the next. Colors or black and white are two ways to play that will have you thinking in a different way!

HexHive – You’re old enough to play if you can add numbers to a total of seven. Underneath the hexagonal grid, tuck one of the challenge cards. Then, on top of the grid, start positioning the allocated, translucent game pieces such that each one only covers numbers that total up to seven. Do you have the dexterity to put each item in its proper place?

Acuity – Acuity is a rapid visual perception matching game in which players compete against each other to find and match hidden patterns. Acuity is a game about sharp vision and quick thinking.

Block Builders – As you fold and unfold the distinctively hinged blocks, you’ll discover your inner architect. Assemble them in unusual ways to unveil breathtaking architectural marvels. Solve the 50 challenge puzzles using only the blocks shown to see, create, and actualize design ideas. You can avail these building blocks from the best baby online nz store anytime using your mobile phones.

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