11 Un-parallel Secret Santa Gifts 

The festive season is knocking at our doors to convey warm greetings and beat the chilly winds of December. It is the time to open our hearts, forget reasons to frown upon and celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with food, carols and presents. Christmas is the time where people from every age blend in festive fervor. It is after all a season to make friends over a cup of steaming hot chocolate! 

Christmas is the time to get creative with celebration. Finding something unique every year has become the ‘mantra’ of skilful party hosts. One such scheme has to be the secret Santa ritual. Someone is trusted with the responsibility of being a secret Santa to fetch gifts for dear ones without the recipients having any slightest clue about the person under the red baggy clothes and snow-white beard. 

If you are the chosen secret Santa of your community celebration or office party here are a few fun and quirky gift options to set standards in the ‘gifting game’. This list is completely south of the formal gifts that are equally exchanged as goodwill gestures. Read it thoroughly and be sure to land upon items that will make you a Christmas hero.

Luscious Christmas cake

Make way for some luscious Christmas themed cake as an extravagant gift to not just a single person but to the whole bunch of real guests. Get in touch with online cake store to amaze everyone with catchy designs and fine taste.

Stunning sling bags

Fancy bags top the desired accessories sections with their multifunctional nature. A stylish matte finish sling bag in jet black or ivory colour can be the exact statement piece that you are looking to serve as a gift to a woman of taste. 

Reindeer hoodie

Winter’s as incomplete without oversized or body-hugging hoodies. Hoodies are officially the most admired piece of clothing, especially among bubbling youth. A quirky reindeer hoody can be an exclusive addition to the winter wardrobe of any teen. 

Dabbing Santa customised T-shirt

Cartoon-like adorable Santa on super comfy insulated winter t-shirts will do the trick of pleasing the receiver with utmost grace. You may want to pair the t-shirt with contrasting seat pants to complete the set. No compulsion though! 

Motivational stainless steel cup with lid

Cups with uplifting motivation quotes and airtight leads are known to steal the limelight with easy to clean nature. This can pass as a fine giftable. 

Sparkling  glass candle stand

Crystal glass candle stands are excellent showpieces and honestly festive essentials with a distinct design. 

Merry Christmas illuminating bottle

Illuminating bottles are cherry on the top, brightening the subtle and soothing Christmas decoration with its warm glow. The best part has to be the traditional Christmas tale engraved on the bottles. 

X mas tree creative doodled potli

While the bags are known for their spacious character, alluring admires too fall for their multi-functionality, small Xmas tree doodle potlis come in handy to store small essentials carefully. 

Adorable Santa Teddy 

Combine the idea of a popular soft toy teddy bear with the spirit of Christmas and spoil the kids with exclusive Santa teddys on Christmas eve which over time will become their favourite snuggle partner. 

Gold plated statement ring 

Jewellery is the perfect gift for anyone irrespective of age or gender. Gold plated light rings will become the statement piece of accessory for the receiver without overshadowing their individuality. However, remember to check the design, weight and authenticity of the material that you are going to give. 

Creamy doughnut

The urge to grab something sweet in the wake of drizzling frost flakes is constant so why not make the most out of it by treating special ones with sugary doughnuts. Just like online cake delivery, web stores now extend the facility of delivering gift boxes of custom made doughnuts for different parties. 

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