What to Look For When purchasing track lighting

What to Look For When purchasing track lighting

It’s time to reconsider the way we track lighting. It’s a far cry from the old-fashioned models from the 1990s and 1960s. If done correctly the track lighting is an elegant addition to your living space or kitchen–you can know what it is. There’s a reason this design is a staple because of its versatility. The ability to set up its heads is unmatched by any other type of lighting. They are adaptable, which allows for a variety in the way they are arranged, sized and fixtures.



Another benefit one of tracking lighting can be that it lets you put everything in the same electrical outlet, providing lots of light from one source. (Which is particularly beneficial for those who live in rental homes or are looking to stay clear of opening walls or changing wiring.) With the multiple light sources you can place the heads precisely where you require to, for example, as task lighting on the kitchen counter or for an accent light on your artwork. Are you convinced to think about track lighting?

A Simple Design

To stay clear of the cumbersome track lighting of the past, opt for track lighting that has slim lines. Think about matching it to your ceiling or contrast it with a striking black fixture against white walls to create an updated look. A single track that has adjustable heads is especially modern.


The amount of watts that each track is constructed to handle will determine the amount of heads you can put on the track. Choose LED fixtures that have a lower energy consumption and come with smaller watts. So, you’ll be able to hold more heads on the track and be gentle with Mother Nature.


Before you buy any light bulbs, ensure whether they’re suitable for the track lights’ heads. A majority of track lighting utilize dichroic, reflector, and GU10 lamps. In the event that your lighting has pendants, you may want to add a visually appealing bulb, such as carbon filaments or Edison bulb.


Q : What is the track lighting process?

Ans : Track lighting, a special lighting fixture that is mounted on a it –track, is that is attached to a ceiling or wall, which powers the individual light fixtures or heads. It is wired for power and also holds the conductors for the heads that can be positioned anywhere along the track. For a complete explanation of how track lighting functions check out this explanation.

Q : Are track lighting still trendy?

Ans : While track lighting is often given an image of being old-fashioned but it’s something else: with its geometric lines, it could appear very contemporary. As with many trends in design in the past, track lighting has gone and come back (then came back) fashion-wise, first being popular in the 1960s, and it was back in the 1990s. This puts it on the right path to be back with style any day soon.

Q : How do you install track lighting?

Ans : To get optimal results you should hire an electrician to set up your lighting track. The installation must be completed properly otherwise it won’t function in any way. If you’re confident in your electrical skills, then take a look at a reputable YouTube channel.
Below are some suggestions about what to look for when you are considering the installation of track lights.

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