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Friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about the programming language of a computer, without this language you cannot do any work inside the computer and if you do the work of creating a website inside the computer, This language is very important for you, without learning it, you cannot design any website, in today’s article we are going to give you this information, what is Java and also will tell some of its features, which will help you. You might not have known before.

Before starting the article, we want to tell you some such information about Java, which will help you to understand the next article, as I have already told that Java is a computer language, just like we know English . Or understand other languages, in the same way a computer has its own language, which is called Java, in today’s article we are going to tell you what Java is and where and how you can use it inside the computer. If you can, then friends, let’s start this article.

What is java in English

Java is such a type of computer language, inside which you can do many of your tasks simultaneously, that is, we can also call it cross-platform or multipurpose language with a light, it is a very simple language, which That is understood by the computer, two types of programs are written inside it, first of all compile and debug have to be used.

You people do not think much about all these, in the next article, we are going to give you complete information about all these, so you do not need to take tension after seeing their names, we will give you all this in this article. We are going to give information and will also tell you completely what Java is and how you can use it, so we will give you all this information in the next article, then you should read this article completely so that you will get this Get all the information and you can take advantage of them.

History of Java in English

Java was first used by James Gassling in 1991, it was used during the development of Microsystems, it is currently being run by Oracle Corporation, the most public form of Java was introduced on the Internet in 1995. This was done to bring the technology of web designing.

Java has made a prominent place in the form of a computer language and today it is prevalent all over the world and everyone wants to learn it, so now we have given you this information that, when and by whom the first use of Java. It was given, so friends, now let us tell you what Java is and how you can use it inside the computer and also describe some of its features.

Java Versions History

  • JDK Alpha and Beta (1995)
  • JDK 1.0 (23 Jan, 1996)
  • JDK 1.1 (19 Feb, 1997)
  • J2SE 1.2 (8 Dec, 1998)
  • J2SE 1.3 (8 May, 2000)
  • J2SE 1.4 (6 Feb, 2002)
  • J2SE 5.0 (30 Sep, 2004)
  • Java SE 6 (11 Dec, 2006)
  • Java SE 7 (28 July, 2011)
  • Java SE 8 (18 March, 2014)

Features of Java in English

Now we will tell you about some of the major features of Java, by which you will be convinced that Java is a very good and reliable language in a way, through which you can do the work of any of your computer very easily and your You can also design the website very well:-

1) Simple:-

Java is a kind of very easy and simple language, if we compare Java with any language, we will find it to be the easiest language, it is very easy to learn and work within this language, otherwise you will find any other language. If you go to learn languages such as Html or C++, then you will find this language very difficult, because it is very difficult to learn them and operate them inside the computer, but on the contrary, Java is a very easy language, working inside it also. It is very easy, you can learn it very easily and work through it inside the computer.

2) Secure:

Inside Java, you can design some such software, which is very secure, that is, cannot be hacked by any other technology, no pointer is used inside Java, so made from this The software is very secure, it cannot be easily hacked by any other machine or any other computer, to hack it, you will need your own password or any other security panel you have. You will need it, otherwise you will not be able to hack that software by any other technique, so this is a very secure language.

3) High performance:-

Java’s ability to work is called performance, that is, its ability to work is very fast, it accepts your given command in a moment and starts working on it, it works on JIT , which gives a very fast performance, so thus Java is a very fast performing language, you need to quit by giving a command on it once, it will accept your command at the same time and start working on it.

How Java Works In English

If you want to learn Java Programming Language, then first it is important for you to know how this language works.

When compiling a program of Java, the program does not completely change into machine language but changes to an intermediate language called Java Bytecodes, this code can be run on any operating system and any processor.

The compilation of the Java program happens only once, but whenever the Java program is run, the interpretation of that program occurs, Java Bytecodes can be called the Machine Code of the Java Virtual Machine (Jvm).


In today’s article, we first told you what is java in english and then related to this, we gave you some such information, which will help you to learn Java and also told some of its features, then if you like this article of ours If you liked it, then share it as much as possible with your friends and also share it on your social media sites and if you have any problem you can ask us by commenting, we will reply your comment as soon as possible.

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