vastu tips for your hotel and restaurant | vastu tips for a hotel

 vastu tips for your hotel and restaurant

Each and everything in this nature is having its own different set of ground rules and due to this reason, this art of astrology is also having different ground rules for different things in your life. As all people know that with the help of this art of astrology you are able to solve too many different kinds of problems in your life and this art of Vastu Shastra is also one of such arts which can help you in too many different factors in which other are not found such effective. With the help of this art of astrology.

you are able to sort different kinds of problems which can be faced by you in order to get the dream of your hotel real and due to this reason in this article we have provided you with different tips from which you can complete your that dream which you have always seen.

Important Tips :

When you use the art of Vastu Shastra properly at commercial places it is not just that it will benefit you in a certain way but, it will help you in maintaining your profits for a certain period and in such a kind of business it is very important.

  • Reception –

As per this art of astrology, it can be guided to you that if you are going to do some sort of changes then according to Vastu Shastra it can be guided to you that you should be built your area of reception on the ground floor and not just only this but, if you are also having any kind of meeting room then as per our survey you should also build your meeting room on the ground floor only.

As, per us, it can be guided to you that if you are able to lit the area of entrance of your hotel because, as per this art of astrology it can be known that it will help you make your planets in right corner to you.

  • Selection of the site –

It can also be known that the place where you decide to create or open certain things will also have their own different effects on your life because, as mentioned above planets are such things which will not just be able to make your life easy but, it is also possible that with the help of these planets only your life becomes a complete mess and due to this reason in order to save you from them we suggest you that you should buy only such place or land which is in either rectangle or square in shape.

Many people also make their own hotels in too many different shapes which may result in endless debts of their organization but with this shape, you are going to worry about anyone’s point about it. It can also be shared with you that if you are planning to construct your own hotel then it should have the opening facing north direction because, as per this art it is considered to be one of the most positive sides for any business.

  • Entrance and Water Resources –

Water is one of the most important factors in this field related to food and hotels and due to this reason in this matter to follow the rules of Vastu Shastra is very important and due to this reason as per this art, it can be guided to you that the water which you are going to use in your hotel should have the source of the pond if you want to help your business.

It is being noted that if you buy the hotel which is having this element of Water at the east side of it then it is very lucky for the owner.

  • Construction Precautions –

As per this concept of construction, it is being guided to you that you should make the southwest direction of your hotel heavier in comparison to any other side of your hotel. And not just only this but, as per the art of Vastu Shastra, it is also being noted that you should construct a strong wall in the direction of South or West in comparison to any other direction because it will help you with the construction which is made on the southwest direction.

So, these were different precautions or tips which you need to take or follow if you want this art of Vastu Shastra to work. If after following all the tips which are being provided above and still there is not a single change in your life then it is obvious that you are in need of professional but, don’t you worry because we have got you covered there also because we have such astrologer who can help you because according to us Astrologer in Ahmedabad  is your guy to go.

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