The 5 Beauty Products You Should Never Ever Share With Anyone

Getting ready with your girl gang for a big night out or any special occasion is one of the most amazing things you can do. You are pretty much soul sisters and share everything (secrets, clothes, footwear) but sharing your beauty products with your girlfriends is a big no-no. We all know that sharing is caring but when it comes to certain beauty and makeup products it’s perfectly okay to be a little selfish.

All sorts of makeup products are not meant for sharing and doing that can be utter unhygienic. Germs and bacteria can thrive on beauty products and tools, sharing them with anyone can cause skin infection. In this interesting blog, let’s discuss some of the skincare and makeup products you should absolutely avoid sharing with others. 

Never share these beauty products with others 

It seems no big deal to share your makeup products with your close friends but in the microscope, these are actually the products that are infected with germs and bacteria. Sharing skincare and beauty products with others can be extremely harmful. It can cause serious skin infections and other problems to you and others as well.

So, it is time to tell your beastie to carry her own beauty products or purchase a two-pack of everything because listed below are some of the beauty products you cannot share with her (or anyone) if you want to avoid infection. 

  1. Anything that comes in a jar 

We get it, you may be eagerly waiting to use the new moisturiser your bestie picked on her recent international trip however if it comes in a jar or pot avoid using it at all costs. Any skincare or beauty product such as body creams, moisturizers, lip balm or gel that comes in a jar or pot requires putting your fingers for taking out the product.

Well, if many people are using those certain products, then there are chances of transferring harmful bacteria and germs from fingers. That’s why you should never share any product that comes in a jar with anyone. Also, always wash your hands before using any kind of beauty product that comes in a jar.

  1. Lip products 

Lip products could be another most shared makeup product next to jar creams or moisturizers you and your girl gang share with. You probably know this already, but sharing or borrowing lip products like lip gloss, lipsticks or lip balms can be very unhygienic.

When you share your lipstick or borrow one from someone, a lot of germs and bacteria gets transferred from one person to another which can lead to cold sores, fever, and other infections. Lip makeup products are extremely personal. Think twice before you share your lipstick with your best friend or co-worker! 

  1. Makeup brushes and sponges 

Be a little selfish about your makeup brushes – you have good reason to be! Here’s why: Sharing your make-up brushes or base makeup with anyone can quickly transfer acne-causing bacteria. When you allow your friends to use your makeup brush or sponge, her acne, skin oil and harmful bacteria touch your face and that is bad news for your skin.

Bottom line: It is worth sharing your new shoes with your girlfriends but not your makeup brushes and sponges. Additionally, use shampoo to clean your makeup brushes once a week and make sure you do it as a beauty routine. 

  1. Mascara 

Mascara is yet another product that can easily spread infection from one person to another. While it is applied to the lashes, sometimes the wand of mascara can touch your eyes as well. So, in case you or your BFF are suffering from an eye infection, then the infection can be easily spread to the other individual as well. One of the most common eye infections is conjunctivitis.

Eyes are usually the most sensitive parts of your face and cannot protect themselves. One should be very particular about eye makeup products. So, whether it is your close buddy or sibling, mascara along with other eye makeup products shouldn’t be shared or borrowed.  

  1. Pressed powder 

It is very common among roommates, siblings and best friends to share their pressed powder or foundation. But for the sake of self-hygiene, it is okay to keep your love aside. We get it that bacterial multiplication does not occur on dry powders as it does on liquid-based formulas, but they can easily spread if you and the other person use the same powder.

By sharing this product with you might actually be transferring the bacteria from your face to someone’s else. That’s why sharing pressed powder is a bad idea too. 

The bottom line 

Now that you are very well aware of the scary consequences and downsides of sharing or borrowing makeup and beauty products, would you still risk it? 

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