Different Types of Candle Making In Singapore

 You might not realize it, but there are all sorts of different ways to make candles. And if you’ve ever made one before, you know how much creativity goes into the process. But did you know that candle making in Singapore is also popular?

This article will explore just a few of these methods and provide some background information on the history of this craft in Singapore. It will also provide tips for budding candle makers.


Early colonial settlers in Singapore brought with them their knowledge of traditional candle making. This practice continued into modern times, allowing the art form to develop and become popular within this country. The use of candles has also evolved over time, giving way to modern technology which has allowed for the mass production of candles. Currently, you can purchase waxes, wicks, and other materials needed for candle making at local markets or shops.

There are many different types of candles that can be created in today’s day and age. Some examples include beeswax, palm oil/fat-based candles, paraffin-based candles, and soy-based candles. The types of these creatures in Singapore include beeswax-based, palm oil-based, and soy wax-based. Other popular items that are used in the creation of personalized candles include scented oils to add scent or color to your candle. Some common colors used for this specific type of candle making in Singapore include blue, brown, gold, green, orange, and red.

Glass jars have become a popular means of packaging these creations as well as being decorative centerpieces on display at local events such as weddings or other formal gatherings.

Tips for budding candle makers

There are many methods that can be used when creating a personal candle from scratch. It is important however to note that some substances have been banned in certain countries due to their harmful effects. It is important to research which substances can be used safely and responsibly in the creation of homemade candles before proceeding with any process.

The most popular way to make a candle is by using a beeswax candle or a soy wax candle as they produce very little smoke when burning and do not melt quickly during production. In regards to wicks, these are typically made from cotton material that has been twisted into thread form. These wicks can then be inserted into the center of the jar before adding wax and scent if desired. In addition to this, there are also metal tabbed wick holders that can be used for more decorative candles such as those displayed at weddings or other formal events.

Metal tabbed wick holders can also be found at local Singaporean specialty shops. It is important however to note that candle making in Singapore is not just a hobby but an art form.  It is important to practice safety and caution when putting any candle creation into production.

How should a candle be burned?

Candle making in Singapore is one of the best ways to forget the worries of busy life and to enjoy this art form with others. There are also varying ways that you can burn your homemade creation based on what it is meant to be used for.

For example, if you made a candle jar with a lid on top, this would come in handy when storing items inside a cupboard without fear of them falling over and spilling whatever contents they may have. If you would like some tips on how to make this particular kind of candle, here is a simple guide on how to do so: Using a needle and some thread, sew some holes into the plastic lid before attaching the wick holder with hot glue.  Once this has been done, you can then proceed with melting your desired wax type inside a heat-resistant glass bowl that is placed over a source of heat such as a stovetop or gas flame.

Once the wick has started to melt, use tweezers or tongs in order to lift it out from the container and place it in the hole located in the center of your plastic lid.  You will notice that once this has been completed, your wick will start releasing smoke. This indicates that your wick is burning and you can continue on to add more layers of wax until the inside of your jar is completely filled.

Once you have completed this process, all that is left for you to do is wait until the whole jar has cooled before screwing on the lid and displaying it in a place of pride for yourself or others to enjoy!  


As you can see, candle making in Singapore is a popular hobby. You may find it helpful to read the article and learn more about how simple these processes are before deciding whether or not this would be an interesting craft for you! We hope that these tips will help inspire your own creativity.

Remember that candle making has been around since ancient times! So don’t feel intimidated if it seems difficult at first – with time and practice, anyone can master this craft. Do you have any other burning questions? Our team would love to hear from you!

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