Best Linen Pants To Style Every Season

Linen pants have become the buzz of the season and are the unsung heroes of summer trends. It’s truly because linen pants are super comfy, lightweight, versatile, and breathable. The lightweight, sustainable, and easy-to-care features make linen the go-to article in humid and even hit days.

With linen taking the limelight, a variety of cuts and styles have come out leaving amateurs confused and overwhelmed. If you are planning to fill your wardrobe with some linen trousers for the upcoming summers, this article is a must-read. We have curated a list of the best linen pants that will make you ditch your go-to jeans. 

Why linen is always part of fashion?

Linen is getting more and more approval from designers and all thanks to its versatile and cool nature. About 64% of brands today use linen and the credit goes to its sustainability. The fabric feels cooler than cotton due to the lower thread count. It is also highly absorbent making it an ideal fabric for seasons when the mercury levels rise. Above all Linen has 30 percent more strength compared to cotton making it long-lasting. When the benefits list is endless, it’s no surprise that the fashion industry has gone head over heels for linen. 

No matter if you want to pull off a beach look or go retro to an event, there is a linen trouser style for every look – 

Regular linen trousers

Standard linen pants with sporty elements such as drawstrings or tapered ankles will work for a casual coffee dare in the morning or a walk by the beach. The major element of the track style linen is the adjustable elastic waistband. 

You can easily boast a casual look with sporty trousers and a tank top to make it through the warm temperatures. A neutral tank top will make the outfit look super cute. To complete the beach look pair it with a sunhat and a straw bag; this is a summer staple. 

Striped linen pant

A striped linen pant will never fail to get the attention of people around. You can go for a flowy striped linen trouser to add some fluidity to the outfit. Pair the linen trouser with a puffy sleeve top to make it look fresh from the summer collection. The striped pants can also be used to put together a beach look by just adding a sun hat. If you are going for a hippie look, here is a small tip3 for you: make small braids in your hair with some colored beads. 

Paper bag linen trousers

Paper bag trousers are unique and it makes any outfit standout. You can choose any solid-colored paper bag trousers and put together a great smart-casual outfit for your office. For instance, you can take solid navy blue linen trousers and pair them with an office white shirt to show that you are the coolest person at your office. Complete the sartorial outfit with a pair of loafers. Just swap the white office shirt with a striped t-shirt to get ready for a casual day out in an instant. To add some color to the outfit you can also go for striped paper waist trousers. 

Wide-legged linen trousers 

The linen is making smart appearances putting up a tough fight to wool and crepe. You can go for heavy linen with some structure to give a tailored look. You can pair the wide-legged linen pants with a formal top tucked in and a large-sized overcoat complimenting the trousers. Complete the look with heels in black or any neutral color. If you don’t want a tailored look, you can opt for a lightweight wide-legged linen bottom to flaunt a casual look. You can look all chic with a cute black top, matching sunglasses, and bag. 

Cabo retreat linen trousers 

No matter if you try your hands on other linen pants but the cab retreat linen trouser is a wardrobe must-have. You can wear this straight pair of linen pants anywhere including a summer wedding, office meeting, or a casual walk by the park. You can never go wrong with this pair of pants. If you are looking for standard color, without any doubt go for beige. This neutral color can be easily dressed for any occasion and with a lot of tops. 

Printed linen trousers 

Printed pants are everything including fun, stylish and unique when it comes to styling it gets a bit tricky. Let the print be of any kind, floral, stripes, checks, monochrome or geometrical; you can style them easily with the following trip. You always have to pair the print with something plain. If you are wearing a printed shirt, then the pants should be plain and vice versa. The same applies to printed linen trousers. Choose printed linen trousers and pair them with a plain colored top that compliments the pant. Also, you can elevate the look by wearing heels. 

Belted linen pants

Nothing speaks retro like a pair of belted linen pants, especially with a bell bottom. The belt element makes the pant look more fashionable than you can think. The major plus is that belted linen compliments a crop top perfectly. For the perfect summer looks in a snap, pair an oversized solid colored belted line trouser with the same colored crop top. If you are aiming for more of a casual look pair a fun crop top with frills with the pant and complete the look with a pair of espadrilles.

High waist crop linen pants

The high waist crop linen usually has a striking structure which makes them the perfect fit for dressier affairs. It would be a great deal if you find a pair of trousers with pleats in the front to strike the perfect balance between smart casual. Its ability to go well with a blazer or a t-shirt makes it one of the unique linen pants


This summer, make a statement look every day and up the task of drawing eyeballs with these must-have linen trousers. Linen pants are the affair of the season and, it is time that you stock up your wardrobe with some must-haves of this season. 

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